Doctor Who - Series 4 - Episode 8 "Silence in the Library" - May 31st 2008

In January 2008 I had three weeks freelance work at Millennium FX working with Neill Gorton and his team. It was a great experience and my thanks go to Neill and the guys for the opportunity and the knowledge they shared.

Prop Space Helmet & Neck Ring - Work In Progress Photos

Initial clay sculpt by Mat O'Toole. My work from the first cast from the clay sculpt as follows...

I took over at this stage, sanding and adding detail to both pieces.

The neck ring was in three pieces, as it had to be made smaller, so from there I built it back up, adding details to it and the helmet and then prepared both items, giving a super smooth finish, ready for moulding.

I moulded part of the helmet and the neck ring and did all seven fibre glass neck ring casts and a couple of the helmet casts. I then worked on sanding all the casts and spraying them up.

Finally I helped with adding fans and lights inside the helmets, painting them black inside and adding the clear visors. I finished off all seven of the neck ring finer details, grey mesh fronts and silver inner neck inserts.

Screen Shots From Episode 8 "Silence in the Library" - May 31st 2008:-

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