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Image 1: Bio Helmet, cleaned, sanded and ready for painting.

Image 2: Custom 'Ultra Marine' Bio Helmet.

Image 3: Super gloss black Bio with smoked lens.

Image 4: Custom 'Alien Hunter' Bio Helmet.

Image 5: Inside view of one of my custom Bio's.

Image 6: Replica Gauntlet Control Panel.

Image 7: Under mask work in progress.

Image 8: Complete latex under mask display with dreds.

Image 9: Latex under mask display with dreds.

Image 10: 'Blue' latex under mask display with dreds.

Image 11: 'The Twins' Latex under masks with dreds.

NOTE: The current items pictured on my website are not for sale. This website is purely a showcase of my work and the items pictured are from my private collection. The current items seen on this website are one-offs and have been made by myself for myself, unless otherwise stated. If you you have any specific work you would like undertaken, please get in touch with me via the Contact page.