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Customer Comments:-

Today I received the best accessory for my TK armor, your ROM/FX Pro. I eagerly installed it and have to say that it 'ROCKS'. This is by far the best voice amplifier in the market. I considered other amps that my members of my garrison use, but the best one was the ROM/FX used by one of the members, so I chose to get one myself. I'm so glad I did. Thanks again. Charles TK-887 Ahn, Georgia Garrison of the 501st

I got mine this morning, It's freaking awesome! Sounds just like in the Films. Thanks for your hard work, time and effort in doing this. This voice amp is the best. Tony TK300

Got mine today too, setup and ready to get some rebel scum to "go about your business .. move along!" Shhh click! Absolutely love it! Dom TK0174

Your board is fantastic, just a nice size and it's quality is next to none. Thank you for doing this for the Garrison. We have been in need of a good voice amp for a while now and on behalf of the Group. A GREAT BIG THANKS to you for putting so much time and effort in to this. Ian TK576 UK Garrison MO

Received mine this morning, it sounds great - nice job John. I would seriously say that anyone who doesn't have one, should put their name down for one. One happy trooper! Giles TK276

I got mine this morning, it looks and sounds great. Good job John. I would recommend it to you all even if you don't have a uniform and are just looking at this page get one you wont regret it. ATB TK TABOO

Got mine safe and sound, installed it, played with it. Played some more. Man, that robot voice gave me a surprise when I first switched it on :) Very nicely done. TK1280

Just to let you know, I got my soundboard safe and sound. I've tried it all out. very nice work. And my brother was well impressed with his. Thanks to you the UKG troopers can sound as good as they look :) Cheers for all the work you put in. I'm interested to see what the next project you have up your sleeve is? All the best, Jason TK1280

Blooming well did get it.....fantastic...truly fantastic...absolutely what I wanted... well done sir! Richard EMS769

Package has arrived! And it has been said before but...it works like a charm! And it sounds great! I just love it! Regards, Rolant

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