ROM/FX Update 4th January 2019: An update, of sorts, and some thoughts for the future.

I’m currently having issues sourcing the parts for all my ROM/FX kits, and with rising manufacturing costs I will no longer be able to do another run of them I’m afraid.

It’s been a fun, sometimes stressful, 16 years of helping to bring your costumes to life with clicks, static and voice effect boards, and I’d just like to send a heartfelt thanks to everyone that has been a part of the journey.

I will be looking into new projects at some point, and do have some ideas in the pipeline. So if you’d like to keep up to date on any of that, drop me an email with the subject line “ROM/FX Updates” and I’ll keep you posted:

I’ll still be here for any support issues or general questions or if you just want to say hi that’s cool too :-)

Thanks again everyone! Keep on trooping ;-)

All the best, John

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