ROM/FX Update: 17th July 2017

I'm still having some personal issues here and I am still very behind on answering emails, please accept my apologies. I will be getting through them all very soon, so your patience and support is most appreciated. Many thanks, John

ROM/FX Update: 9th June 2017

Something new is coming from ROM/FX. But I will need your help, input, ideas and support to make it happen.

More news on this very soon.  Drop me an email with the subject line “ROM/FX Trinity” to keep in the loop: john@romfx.com

I also just wanted to send my apologies to anyone who has sent me an email recently and not had a replay as yet. I have had some personal issues to deal with which I had to give my full focus and energy to. I will be replying to your emails over the next few days. Thank you for your patience and understanding, John TK256