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UPDATE: If you have any questions about the ROM/FX, please email me at: john@romfx.com - More details can be found on the "Price & Shipping" page. PLEASE NOTE: I don't get to answer emails every day, so there may be a slight delay in replying, but I will get back to you. Thanks, John

Costumes & Props Info: If you're interested in Costumes, Props, Sculpting etc. check out my portfolio website for some examples of my creations: www.yourmovecreep.co.uk

Aslan the Lion Costume / Sculpture: Head on over to my Facebook page to see my Aslan costume / sculpture with loads of work in progress photos: Aslan creation process photos

Heard about the next version of the ROM/FX for Dark Lords? Listen up... ROM/FX Revo will be here soon! www.romfx.com/revo

A small update I meant to post a while ago, check out this video clip of the real Boba Fett, Jeremy Bulloch, back in the Fett gear, for the first time in the UK since Return of the Jedi, at a UK Garrison event last year using a ROM/FX I donated for his suit. Yep, the real Fett uses a ROM/FX. Check out the video here.

What is it?: The ROM/FX unit is a real time voice amplifier and voice changer with 8 random automatic static burst effects, which will make you sound like a trooper. It has an adjustable level gain which allows you to set the volume at which you need to speak into the microphone so that the microphone and amplifier are not constantly on. This helps reduce feedback and stops the amplifier from accidental triggering if you cough or breath too heavily into the microphone. There are also time and delay settings which let you adjust how long you have to talk for before the auto static bursts kick in and how long after you stop talking before they play. It can be easily mounted anywhere on your body or within the helmet of your costume.

This is a very brief run down of what the ROM/FX can do. For more details please check out the 'TechSpec.' page for the full list of features and modes.

A brief history: Hi, I'm John (TK256) from the 501st UK Garrison. After over a year of development the ROM/FX Sound Board was born. It's a completely custom made board with code written specifically for the project, meaning it has been designed from scratch to my exact specifications.

It's took a lot of hard work to get here, but I am 100% happy with the result, and I am pleased to say the members from the 501st and UK Garrison who have received their boards are happy too.

Take a look at the Comments page to read some of the great emails people have sent me.
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